The Tower of Damianos, as it is known to the local people, comprises nine rooms-apartments set in lush gardens extending right down to the water’s edge. It offers warm hospitality in a family atmosphere and holidays in an unspoiled natural setting.

The rooms (two-, three- and four-beds) radiate outwards from the central axis of the building and are decorated with the same enthusiasm and imagination which distinguish the apartments (three- and four-beds, with interior kitchen and bathroom with bathtub) located in their own separate area. The apartments are the ideal choice for those seeking more distinctive accommodation, surrounded by olive and fruit trees and a variety of plants and flowers, and creating a wonderful sense of harmony with nature.

The hospitality areas are on the ground floor, fully equipped with TV, fridge and separate kitchens, as well as tables in the garden where guests can eat, drink coffee or just sit and relax.


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Home Rooms
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